Clear Creek Systems, Inc. was founded over 20 years ago by Tim and Joe Gannon on the simple premise of providing clean water for our clients.  We succeeded in our goal and grew as a company because we have been able to deliver great services to a wide variety of clients with our focus on genuine solutions to our clients’ actual needs in a cost effective and professional manner.  Our ability to bring a team with decades of experience using a range of water treatment technologies has allowed us to find the best technology for different project needs.  Sometimes our scope of work has been as simple as just providing a piece of needed equipment; however, often times, our main benefit has been our ability to provide a comprehensive turnkey solution to complicated problems for our clients.  These strengths allowed us to grow in new markets and undertake projects across the United States.  We have grown from one branch in Bakersfield, CA to four branches on both Coasts.  Our personnel have been and will continue to be trail blazers in providing solutions to emerging problems such as construction stormwater; industrial stormwater; urban runoff; and water recycling projects.

Our main focus has been on water treatment, but we have completed a number of air treatment projects.

We take great pride in our track record which includes a large number of repeat customers and strong vendor relationships that have lasted decades.  Our first employee still works with us, and we strive to make our company a place that our employees take pride in where they work and what they do with a desire to stay for the long haul.

In order to have long term success, we always have believed that we have to provide our clients a cost competitive solutions in an apples to apples comparison while being the best cost solution as part of the projects overall goal.This is where in depth knowledge of the industries we serve can have a major impact in helping our clients.  Our clients have included some of the nation’s largest construction companies, industrial manufacturers, small firms, local and federal agencies.

In addition to our expertise in water treatment, our strong background in construction means that we understand how to take a project from conceptual phase all the way through design, construction, and startup.  It also gives us an understanding of how our treatment systems fit in to the bigger picture of a large construction project or industrial installation.

To Discuss Your Project with us feel free to call us at: 1-877-324-9634 or you can request a call back by completing this form.