Water Treatment Technician – Pacific, WA

We are currently seeking individuals to join our team as Water Treatment Technicians to install and operate water treatment systems with capacities up to 4,000 gpm, and treat for a variety of contaminants including turbidity, pH, hydrocarbons, metals and nutrients. The position requires a dynamic individual capable of learning a broad spectrum of activities and tasks at the company. The successful individual will be self-motivated and equally capable of working alone or as part of team. In the past CCS has been able to provide many part time employees meaningful work experience while still being in school or maintaining other commitments. Many employees have been brought on as full-time employees in the past.

Location: Pacific, WA

Compensation: $22 to $30 Hourly

Employment Type: Full-Time

Job Description

  • Self-motivated and able to work together with a team or operate individually.
  • Work outdoors in adverse weather.
  • Able to be trained on water quality instrumentation and sampling requirement.
  • Trustworthy and dependable with a thorough thought process and a problem-solving mindset.
  • Available a minimum of 3 days (or 20 hours a week).
  • Mechanically inclined and/or experience with lab instrumentation is a plus.
  • Complete required daily project paperwork (Jobsite Hazard Analysis, Water Quality Data Logs, Daily Work Orders, Delivery Tickets, etc).


  • Paid Vacation, Paid Sick Time, and Paid Holidays.
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision benefits are offered as well as 401K with a Company Match.
  • Paid Certification and on-the job training (8 hours in class CESF training, 32 hours hands-on field training, 16-hour CESCL class).
  • Flexible hours; night and weekend work are available but based on job requirements.
  • Hours can count towards school credits (depends on University and program’s acceptance).
  • $200 bonus after 40 hours worked, and $300 bonus after 100 hours worked.


Our commitment to safety is shared by all employees of CCS. Owners, managers, field supervisors, salesmen, and water treatment personnel play important roles in the development and implementation of our safety policies. The three key points of our safety program that we would like to highlight are:

  • We have a written Drug and Alcohol Substance Abuse Program
  • Our safety program is based upon the fact that safety is everyone’s responsibility and that everyone has the responsibility to stop work if they feel their own safety, the safety of another, or the safety of equipment is being compromised.
  • CCS requires Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) Safety meeting to be completed at the beginning of each shift and as the operational plan changes during the shift.

Anyone interested should contact Diana Burk at (206) 695-2120 or via email jobs@clearcreeksystems.com.

About the Company

Clear Creek Systems, is a leading water technology company, specializing in the treatment of groundwater, stormwater construction dewatering, industrial process water, PFAS and other hard to treat sources. For over 25 years Clear Creek has been a pioneer in providing turn-key services, including design, build, install & operation. Our experience using a range of water treatment technologies allows us to provide customers with both custom and cost-effective solutions.

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