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PFAS Treatment Drinking Water System

Project Details Location Massachusetts A recent PFAS Treatment Systems designed and installed by Clear Creek Systems for a typical well sourced Drinking Water application.  We designed and installed  a permanent resin  system operating  at  500  GPM  managing PFAS to non-detect levels Consistently meets non-detect levels for PFAS. Clear Creek Systems is a technology agnostic treatment …

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Shipyard PFAS Remediation

Project Details LocationSturgeon Bay, Wisconsin Clear Creek Systems designed and mobilized a 200 GPM PFAS temporary treatment system, for a project at a Wisconsin shipyard. The system was designed to treat for PFAS, PFOA, turbidity, TSS, and pH. The system was operational within a week of the project being awarded and has continued to meet …

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Residential Development Site

Project Details Location Washington State In fall of 2015, record rainfalls hit the Pacific Northwest causing many construction sites to flood with turbid stormwater runoff. Clear Creek Systems, Inc. responded to an emergency call at a construction project located in south-western Washington state. The project’s 3 million gallon stormwater retention vault was reaching capacity and …

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Metal Shredding & Recycling Facility

Project Details Location Seattle, WA A scrap metal processing facility in Seattle, WA had an existing treatment system which had fallen into disrepair with age. The treatment equipment had been installed and mobilized by a company which is no longer in business, so the facility and their engineers turned to Clear Creek to bring their facility …

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Data Center Flushing Project

Project Details Location Seattle, WA A large data center needed to complete flushing on a large expansion of new piping for their facilities cooling system. We worked with the customer to design a turnkey filtration system capable of running 24/7 and handling flows up 5,000 GPM. After flushing was complete the system had to continue …

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Semi Conductor Flushing Project

Project Details Location Seattle, WA A semi-conductor manufacturer needed to complete flushing on a large expansion of piping for their facility. We worked with the customer to design a turnkey filtration system capable of running 24/7 and handling flows up 15,000 GPM. The project was completed on time without any complications. Services Provided Turnkey System …

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Shipyard Water Treatment

Project Details Location San Diego, CA A major shipyard on the West Coast was having difficulty with meeting single digit part-per-billion levels for heavy metals in discharges of stormwater and hydrostatic relief water. Clear Creek conducted a low flow infield pilot test to screen applicable technologies and was awarded a design/build contract upon completion of …

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Timber Processing Facility

Project Details Location Northern California A timber facility in Northern California had an existing bioswale to treat their stormwater runoff.  The bioswale was effective in reducing pollutants, but not to their benchmark requirements.  The facility was subjected to a third-party Clean Water Act lawsuit, and they needed to fast-track a more robust treatment solution. Clear …

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Castro Station

Project Details Client Devcon Location Mountain View, CA This project required a 40 foot deep excavation for multi-use office building with an underground parking garage. Dewatering was needed to keep the excavation dry during construction. This was done using a dewatering well system and shoring. Groundwater was contaminated with Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). 41,000 cubic …

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