Project Details

A bulk fueling facility contacted Clear Creek to assist with their stormwater discharges. The staff maintained a good BMP schedule and kept their site clean, but still had issues with elevated metals in their runoff. The facility was targeted by a citizen suit under the Clean Water Act, and had to fast track their solution to meet their consent decree.

The facility reached out to Clear Creek for a fast response. Clear Creek worked with their facility and an outside engineering firm to upgrade their infrastructure and provide a treatment solution with 120 days. Bench testing showed that simple mechanical filtration followed by a polishing adsorptive media lowered all pollutants to non-detect ranges, and a system was designed around this treatment train. Clear Creek trained the facility personnel to conduct routine system maintenance.

Services Provided

  • Laboratory Treatability Testing
  • Permitting Assistance
  • Fast Track Design and Mobilization
  • System Design / Build
  • Maintenance & Monitoring

Technology Provided

  • Mechanical Filtration
  • Polishing Adsorptive Media
  • System Automation
  • 50 gallons-per-minute

Project Statistics

1.2 - Acre Site

Discharge to Marine Waters

Commissioned in 2016


Turbidity, Cu & Zn

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