Project Details

This small family business was very environmentally conscious and worked tirelessly to keep their facility clean. But even with proper BMP implementation and good housekeeping practices, the facility was unable to meet benchmarks for metals. Clear Creek was brought onto the project team to design a treatment solution that targeted the problem metals–dissolved copper and zinc.

Clear Creek provided an initial bench test on a grab sample of the site’s stormwater runoff, and found that a system with primary filtration and ion exchange resin would meet their required benchmarks. The system was installed in an existing building on their property, allowing them to utilize as much of their yard space as possible. Clear Creek continues to provide the client with long-term O&M assistance, and the facility has remained in compliance since the system’s delivery date.

Services Provided

  • In-House Bench Testing
  • Water Treatment Plan Submittal
  • System Design / Build
  • System Operations Training
  • Long-term O&M Assistance

Technology Provided

  • Mechanical Filtration
  • Carbon Adsorption
  • Ion Exchange Resin Treatment
  • 100 gallons-per-minute

Project Statistics

2.5 – Acre Site

Discharge to Marine Waters

Commissioned in 2012


Turbidity, Cu, Zn

100% Compliance

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