Project Details

Water leakage from the RWBT at Roseton, NY will be remediated by constructing a new bypass tunnel between two new shafts, one near existing Shaft 6 to the east of the Hudson River and the other adjacent to Route 9W, to the west of the Hudson River. During excavation, the two treatment systems treated groundwater and process drilling / concrete wash water was expected to reach a maximum of 300 gpm. Treated groundwater was discharged directly to the creek under an individual NPDES permit.


Clear Creek designed the system to treat for pH, turbidity, and hydrocarbons. Treatment components included an open top weir tank for surge flows, tanks for settling, an oil water separator for hydrocarbons, a filter module for fine particulate removal, and a control module for monitoring water quality. Due to year round operations, freeze protection was installed to protect to -10 degrees F and 20 mph wind. Back-up power, wireless remote monitoring and tank level sensors were added at the client’s request. Limits for pH were 6.5 to 8.5 S.U. with continuous monitoring. The turbidity limit was <20 NTU’s. Clear Creek provided 24 hour monitoring and operations on-site.

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