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Castro Station

Project Details Client Devcon Location Mountain View, CA This project required a 40 foot deep excavation for multi-use office building with an underground parking garage. Dewatering was needed to keep the excavation dry during construction. This was done using a dewatering well system and shoring. Groundwater was contaminated with Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). 41,000 cubic …

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Humboldt Bay

Project Details Location Humboldt, CA Humboldt Bay Power Plant (HBPP), a Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), began decommissioning and demolishing its Unit 3 nuclear power plant. The decommissioning of HBPP required the removal of sub grade structures, which will require excavation below the water table. This required that the excavations be pumped to maintain …

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Sonora Bypass

Project Details Location Sonora, CA Caltrans contracted with Tiechert to build a bypass on Highway 108 in Sonora CA. Under CA General Stormwater Permit, storm water was required to be discharged to a nearby creek. Initial attempts to provide erosion control by standard BMPs proved ineffective to meet discharge requirements. Treatment Clear Creek mobilized a …

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Devil’s Slide Tunnels

Project Details Client Kiewit Corporation Location Pacifica, CA Devil’s Slide Tunnels were designed by California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) to re-route existing Highway 1 traffic around an unstable geologic formation called Devil’s Slide. Two 28′ diameter tunnels approximately 1 mile long with 10 cross passages were constructed. During excavation, groundwater and process drilling water was …

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Cal Memorial Stadium

Cal Memorial Stadium

Project Details Client Webcor Builders Location Berkeley, CA Renovations began on the Cal Memorial Stadium by Webcor Builders. During concrete curing operations, it became necessary to treat the water for pH adjustment. A separate system was needed to address storm water prior to discharge under the NPDES Construction General Permit. Treatment Clear Creek mobilized a …

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Project Details In July of 1999 a major refinery needed some temporary filtration equipment to treat their auxiliary wastewater stream before discharging into the adjacent open waterway. Spikes of hydrocarbon material were passing through their existing treatment system, and they needed to polish the waste-water until improvements to the system were completed. The water analysis …

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TT 1 & 2 – Alameda Sea Plane lagoon

Project Details Location Alameda, California Sea Plane lagoon was dredged in preparation for redevelopment of Alameda Naval Station and Treasure Island. The lagoon was suspected to contain hydrocarbons and trace metals due to former use. Dredge spoils were brought up into holding wells. The leachate from the holding wells was transferred to holding tanks. Treatment …

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MGP Rockford

Project Details Client William Charles Construction Location Rockford, IL A large power supplier undertook the site remediation of a 14-acre legacy property in Northern Illinois, formerly a manufactured gas plant from the late 19th century through 1947. Above ground structures were demolished and removed. The site had a variety of contaminants in the soil and …

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Mountain Lake

Project Details Location San Francisco, CA Mountain Lake, part of San Francisco’s Golden Gate National Park, was contaminated from highway storm water runoff over the last few decades. The dredge contractor for the project elected to use a suction dredge and dewatering bags to remove the contaminated sediments. The heavy sediments were removed using bags …

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NYS BT-1 Roundout Shaft 5B & 6B

Project Details Client Schiavone Construction Location Wappingers Falls, NY Water leakage from the RWBT at Roseton, NY will be remediated by constructing a new bypass tunnel between two new shafts, one near existing Shaft 6 to the east of the Hudson River and the other adjacent to Route 9W, to the west of the Hudson …

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