Project Details

A Tacoma, WA manufacturer of asphalt sealant compounds faced industrial stormwater compliance challenges associated with the facility activities. Clear Creek conducted a comprehensive site evaluation to identify sources of elevated turbidity, copper and zinc. The site investigation revealed that heavy truck traffic associated with the export of finished materials was likely the cause of the majority of stormwater pollutants. Clear Creek conducted bench scale treatability testing to identify candidate stormwater treatment technologies, and subsequently installed a full scale pilot test system. Upon completion of the successful pilot test, Clear Creek designed and installed a permanent industrial stormwater treatment system and trained facility personnel to properly maintain and operate the treatment system.

Project Highlights

  • Bench-Scale Pilot Testing
  • Full Scale Field Trial Test
  • Water Treatment System Design
  • System Installation & Commissioning
  • Operations & Maintenance Training
  • On Call Support Services

Technology Provided

  • Gravity Settling
  • Bag & Cartridge Filtration
  • System Automation
  • 50 gallons-per-minute

Project Statistics

1.5 – Acre Site

Discharge to Surface Waters


Turbidity, Cu, Zn

Installed in 2011

100% Compliance

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