Project Details

Clear Creek Systems designed, built, and installed a PFOA / PFOS drinking water treatment system at a mobile home park in Coldwater Michigan. A lead/Lag design using IX resin was used to treat water that was recorded above 10 PPT. Clear Creek Systems worked side by side with EGLE (the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy) to install a treatment solution that has removed PFAS to non-detect level. This system is the first resin-based treatment system installed in the state of Michigan for drinking water applications and was designed with components to last 30 years. The system is designed to treat 25 GPM and can go as high as 50 GPM without modification. The total cost of the system was $58,750 and should provide decades of cost effect clean water to the client.

Services Provided

  • 25 gpm
  • PFAS/PFOA treated to non-detect
  • Life of system components 30 years expected

Technology Provided

  • IX Resins
  • Cost effective, single pass through system

Project Statistics

25 GPM, Capacity of 50 GPM

Life of System Components 30 Years Expected

First Resin PFAS Treatment System in Michigan

Non-Detect Acheived

100% Compliance

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