Project Details

In July of 1999 a major refinery needed some temporary filtration equipment to treat their auxiliary wastewater stream before discharging into the adjacent open waterway. Spikes of hydrocarbon material were passing through their existing treatment system, and they needed to polish the waste-water until improvements to the system were completed. The water analysis reports indicated hydrocarbon contamination levels were generally below the maximum discharge limit of 10 ppm; however, in response to local regulatory agency requirements, the client needed to eliminate spikes or upsets to the system from reaching the discharge point.


Clear Creek mobilized a 5 gpm pilot system which was successful. The client experienced another spike, requesting a rush 7 day installation. The system was comprised of a particulate filter system, a hydrocarbon removal media system, valves, piping, and pressure gauges. Clear Creek provided training for the client to operate the temporary system until a permanent modification could be made to their existing plant treatment system.

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