Project Details

Clear Creek Systems designed and mobilized a 200 GPM PFAS temporary treatment system, for a project at a Wisconsin shipyard. The system was designed to treat for PFAS, PFOA, turbidity, TSS, and pH. The system was operational within a week of the project being awarded and has continued to meet the permit’s discharge requirements throughout operations.

Clear Creek Systems mobilized a treatment system that included solids settling, sand filtration, and carbon media for PFAS removal. River bottoms were dredged from the river to provide construction support for the upgrading of a shipyard. The main concern was PFAS contamination downstream. The system operated for the project duration without a hitch. Clear Creek Systems continues to be a pioneer in the remediation of PFAS and other hard to treat contaminants.

Services Provided

  • TSS Treatment
  • PFAS & PFOA Remediation
  • System Operations & Monitoring

Technology Provided

  • Solid Settling & Sand Filtration
  • pH Correction
  • PFAS &PFOA Treatment System
  • 200 gallons-per-minute

Project Statistics

30 – Acre Site

Discharge to Surface Waters

3 Month Duration

Federal Project

100% Compliance

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