Project Details

In February 2013, the client received a grant to construct an urban run-off treatment system to re-use creek water and non-potable water from a nearby golf course. The goal was to design a fully automated system to remove sediments and achieve a substantial reduction in TDS. The design-build project was awarded to Clear Creek Systems.


Clear Creek designed a multi-stage approach, dependent upon whether influent water was from the creek or the re-use structure. Creek water first ran through turbo-cyclones to remove heavy to medium particles, ultrafiltration for small to fine particles, reverse osmosis for polishing, followed by a de-carbonator to remove residual chlorine. Water from the re-use structure bypassed the turbo cyclone stage. All stages including automated chemical dosing, automated backwash functions, level sensors, pressure gauges, and flow sensors were controlled by an advanced PLC program.

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