Construction Market Solutions

In today’s environment, residential, commercial, mixed-use & construction stormwater compliance is becoming more and more of a concern. Fines and enforcement actions are on the rise by both government and third party groups. For over 20+years, Clear Creek has been a leader in providing stormwater treatment on construction sites across the country. We also have provided treatment from other sources such as concrete batch plants and wheel wash stations.

A growing trend are closed loop systems and water reuse within the projects. We have treated flows from 5 gallons per minute (gpm) to over 4,000 gpm. Project sizes have been from 1 acre to over 700 acres. We know how to look at both small scale and large scale projects.

With our construction experience we can help you reduce costs by sizing a system to reduce labor costs, sizing multiple systems or matching system phases to your construction schedule. We offer rental equipment or a turn-key solution based on our Client needs. Contact us for your next bid opportunity.

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