Clear Creek System’s “Predict” computer modeling program.

The environmental industry is a complex and cumbersome space with many pain points that create cost and confusion and waste time. This is true for end-users, environmental consultants, solution providers and regulators.

The engineering and chemical calculations, bench-testing, pilot-testing, and research that is involved in getting actionable answers are a tremendous burden to technical professionals and very intimidating to a non-technical person. Clear Creek System’s PREDICT platform is an A.I. based software technology that utilizes science, laboratory, and field data to provide quick and simple answers to the environmental industry.

The typical life cycle of an environmental project can have as many as 16 stages/steps; PREDICT can be a powerful tool in 11 of these complex steps, by providing quick, on-demand answers to technical and non-technical users. Engineers, environmental managers, operators, regulators, solution-provider salespeople, and maintenance professionals can utilize PREDICT to:

  • Save Time
  • Reduce Cost
  • Share information
  • Obtain quick actionable answers
  • Estimate Cost

Current modeling features include:

  • Vapor phase activated carbon performance
  • Liquid phase activated carbon performance
  • Ion exchange modeling
  • Chemical treatment / sludge generation calculations
  • Green sand performance
  • Pressure-drop modeling

This platform is free to Clear Creek System’s customers, simply log-in and start using it!

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