Operations During COVID19

Clear Creek Systems, Inc.’s Customers, Subcontractors and Vendors:   

We are writing regarding the “Shelter in Place” and “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” executive orders issued by Governor Newsom in California (March 17, 2020), Governor lnslee in Washington (March 24, 2020), and Governor Brown in Oregon (March 24, 2020) to minimize spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Clear Creek Systems, Inc. fully appreciates the bold efforts underway to contain this disease, while also recognizing that essential functions must continue, albeit under increased safety precautions. As a company, we have moved quickly and are continuing to adapt as necessary to these new measures.

Through the definitions provided, Clear Creek Systems, Inc. is considered an essential business. We’re linking to announcements made by the California Regional Water Control Boards,  the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and the Washington State Department of Ecology that regulatory compliance will be enforced throughout the current crisis. Therefore, we remain open and actively completing projects and pursuing new projects.

Clear Creek Systems, Inc. fully supports safety guidance provided by authorities regarding social distancing when around others. We are making numerous changes in our operations to assure six feet spacing around necessary workers and workspaces, along with rigorous sanitation and hygiene practices.

We adhere to the following procedures around construction projects and fabrication work in the shop:  

  • The lead supervisor is the designated employee to establish and enforce social distancing procedures.
  • Everyone must adhere to social distancing protocols at all project sites, shops, and offices.
  • The total number of employees present at all times, whether Clear Creek Systems, Inc.’s staff, vendors, or customers, must allow for social distancing.
  • All staff are asked to clean high-touch surfaces at the beginning and end of each shift at a minimum.
  • Sharing of tools is discouraged. If tools are required to be shared, the user will be required to clean the tool between use.
  • Personal protective gloves will be worn at all times if humanly possible, along with any other necessary PPE.
  • Best practices will be followed at our project sites, shops, and offices, including frequent hand washing or sanitizing, social distancing, and staying at home when not feeling well or instructed to isolate.
  • We will strive to keep all projects and essential shop activity moving forward to the best of our ability.

Office employees that can efficiently fulfill their role remotely are encouraged to do so. We have also included our Coronavirus Safety Topic that was reviewed on Monday March 23, 2020 by all field personnel during the Daily JHA Safety Meeting and by all office staff.

Please contact Clear Creek Systems, Inc.’s office regarding any specific needs or requests. We appreciate your cooperation during these challenging weeks.   

Sincerely, Clear Creek Systems, Inc.

Jayson Samuli
Chief Operating Officer

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