Metal Shredding & Recycling Facility

Project Details Location Seattle, WA A scrap metal processing facility in Seattle, WA had an existing treatment system which had fallen into disrepair with age. The treatment equipment had been installed and mobilized by a company which is no longer in business, so the facility and their engineers turned to Clear Creek to bring their facility …

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Project Details In July of 1999 a major refinery needed some temporary filtration equipment to treat their auxiliary wastewater stream before discharging into the adjacent open waterway. Spikes of hydrocarbon material were passing through their existing treatment system, and they needed to polish the waste-water until improvements to the system were completed. The water analysis …

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Mountain Lake

Project Details Location San Francisco, CA Mountain Lake, part of San Francisco’s Golden Gate National Park, was contaminated from highway storm water runoff over the last few decades. The dredge contractor for the project elected to use a suction dredge and dewatering bags to remove the contaminated sediments. The heavy sediments were removed using bags …

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Sand & Gravel Facility

Project Details Location Washington State The sand and gravel industry serves as a major supplier of aggregate, concrete and asphalt which supports the construction and maintenance of the nation’s civil infrastructure. The facility implemented a basic filtration system for treatment of stormwater runoff in 2002 however changes in permit requirements required the facility to consider …

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