Clear Creek Systems, Inc. is dedicated to provide a safe work environment for all of our valued employees. Our dedication to our safety program also benefits our clients, allowing us to safely execute the work on their projects. Our commitment to safety is shared by all employees of Clear Creek. Owners, managers, field supervisors and treatment personnel play important roles in the development and implementation of our safety policies. Training, communication and enforcement are keys to the success of our safety program.

Three key points of our safety program that we would like to highlight are that we have a written Drug and Alcohol Substance Abuse Program, our safety program is based upon the fact that safety is everyone’s responsibility and that everyone has not only the right, but the responsibility to stop work if they feel safety is being compromised, and finally, Clear Creek requires that Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) Safety Meetings be completed every shift at each work location and modified any time the operational plan changes during the shift.

The JHA Safety Meeting format assists with proper pre-planning of our daily operations by outlining the planned activity for the day and identifying all of the potential hazards including: slips, trips, and falls; potential pipe, hose, vessel, or tank failures; possible contamination or spills; pinch points; proper PPE; proper use of tools; proper lifting technique; chemicals to be used – SDS review; et cetera. The JHA is one of our most effective tools to communicate and implement the policies and procedures included in the Clear Creek Injury, Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP) and to ensure that all activities are performed in the safest way possible.

Additionally, all of Clear Creek’s operators are 40 Hour Hazwoper certified, first aid and CPR trained, and confined space certified (Company policy restricts our employees from entering confined spaces with a hazardous atmosphere). Clear Creek’s supervisors are minimum OSHA 10 Hour trained and several are OSHA 30 Hour trained.

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