Bench Testing / Pilot Testing

Clear Creek Offers In-House Pilot Testing

Bench Testing:

Bench testing allows Clear Creek to evaluate your water prior to the design and proposal stage. Laboratory & Pilot scale services help drive major decisions
from initial design phase through the proof-of-concept and existing system modification stages of a project.  It helps drive the system design by elucidating details that improve treatment process selection, O&M requirements, and operational costs projections. The importance of pilot testing for proof-of-concept, system robustness, and operational cost forecasting is invaluable. 

Testing includes but is not limited to:

CCS can mobilize equipment to perform an in-field treatability test at your facility. Field Pilot Testing is performed to show real-time treatability results with a scaled down model of our existing fleet equipment, providing data on field pollutant capture and adsorptive media lifespan (when utilized).

Pilot Testing:

Larger and longer term projects often warrant an onsite pilot test to insure the bench test results deliver real world results. A successful pilot test provides real world data to better estimate system sizing, operational and consumable cost. This can reduce the risk of mobilizing a full scale system without all the answers. Clear Creek has low flow equipment, ideal for pilot testing.

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