PFAS Remediation

Clear Creek is a leader in designing & implementing PFAS treatment solutions, having work on projects across the USA. We have worked in the following industries:

We work with municipalities, federal entities, military installations, and private corporations. Our custom PFAS treatment systems are designed to treat your specific species of PFAS, and have been proven to remediate PFAS to Non-Detect levels.

Per and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS /PFOA) have been called “Forever Chemicals” by the media because of their pervasiveness and the difficulty in removing these compounds from the environment. Historically, the treatment for PFAS has been Granular Activated Carbon (GAC). This is an effective, but expensive treatment method. GAC vessels are often large and PFAS is often one of the first contaminates to breakthrough. Early breakthrough results in a total carbon changeout which is expensive and results in the disposal of large amounts of carbon.

The development of advanced resins, used in conjunction with GAC, can significantly reduce the cost of treating for PFAS. Resins have been designed to preferentially capture PFAS from water. Using carbon, followed by resins in series, extends the life of both materials. Carbon removes contaminants which would negatively impact the resin. The resin captures residual PFAS that escapes the carbon. The result is a longer life cycle for both the carbon and the resin while maintaining compliance with stringent permit requirements. We design custom treatment systems to operate both efficiently and cost effectively, while meeting the direct needs of your site.

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