Solid Separation Technology

The separation systems engineered by Clear Creek are used in various industries from dredging to pond cleaning, environmental remediation, industrial maintenance and drilling projects. Furthermore, we could provide specialized water treatment technologies to remove contaminants from the separated water allowing it to be reused or discharged safely.

When dealing with sludge or sediments, you are dealing with wastewater or fluids with a high solids content that cannot be filtered by standard means. Clear Creek’s solids separation technologies provide the capability to separate the solids from the liquid efficiently and quickly in a smaller footprint. The solids-liquid separation systems designed by Clear Creek are job specific and involve various modular technologies from centrifuges to hydro-cyclones and vibratory shakers depending on the application.


The Clear Creek team has a different approach to separation jobs by taking a holistic approach of the entire project and working with different contractors and the customer to make sure the entire project is a success. We take a lot of pride in the systems and services we provide. We have extensive experience and various backgrounds. We manage the job cradle to grave from system design, set up, operations and demobilization. We are also very nimble and will quickly adapt to changing job conditions. The separation technology offered by Clear Creek is more efficient and environmentally friendly than other alternatives historically used to manage sludge and sediments.

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